Devastated North Yorkshire groom finds wife dead in bed next to him the day after his wedding

38-year-old Mariola Michalowski pictured here on her wedding day with her partner Krzysztof and their two children Credit: Family fundraising page

A devastated groom woke up the day after his wedding to find his bridelying dead next to him.

38-year-old Mariola Michalowski passed away just hours after celebrating her marriage to partner Krzysztof aged 34.

The couple, who have two children Olivier, two, and Veronica, one, got married in a small ceremony in Richmond, North Yorkshire, on the Friday 13th.

The following morning Krzysztof got up to feed their daughter Veronica,believing Mariola to be sleeping, and returned to find she had died.

Desperate Krzysztof called an ambulance and gave his bride CPR.

When paramedics arrived they told him that she had passed away a fewhours ago and he needed to stop.

It is believed that Mariola suffered an epileptic fit in her sleep justhours after saying "I do"

The couple, who are both originally from Poland, were together for sixyears before they tied the knot in front of their closest friends and family lastFriday (MAY 13).

They had their ceremony at a registry office before heading to a pub andthen cricket club for the reception.

Some guests came home with Krzysztof and Mariola for an after party at thecouple's home and the happy bride went to bed with Olivier at around two inthe morning.

Krzysztof, who is known as Kris and now living in Catterick said:

"The day was just amazing. There was loads of entertainment and the kids loved it.

"Mariola was the happiest I'd ever seen her.

"Veronica was dancing and she was wearing a lovely white dress.

"At the after party, my father, who is over from Poland, insisted that weopened all of the wedding gifts and Mariola was so overwhelmed byeverybody's kindness.

"I followed them Mariola and my son to bed a couple of hours later.

"The next morning Veronica woke me up crying and i went to get her milk and left Mariola sleeping.

"After a while I started to think something felt unnatural.

"I tried waking her up and when I turned her over it was obvious that she had had an epileptic fit through the night."

Krzysztof said Mariola was a doting mother and was always with their twoyoung children.

He said Mariola had suffered with epilepsy for over 20 years and would have four to five fits every month leaving her unable to work.

As he prepares for life without his beloved wife, Krzysztof's friends haveset up an on-line appeal on Just Giving to raise £8,000 to help the family.

More than £5,800 has been donated by well-wishers so far to help him finish paying for the wedding and now his wife's funeral.

Krzysztof, who works as an office manager, wants to thank everyone who has donated to help get him back on his feet.

He said:

"Mariola was the kindest person, she'd never been upset or angrywith anybody.

"Epilepsy is such an underestimated condition and people didn't think she was disabled because they couldn't see any limp or anything.

"She was a soldier and with epilepsy you can't see it until it happens.

"The whole family and everybody loved her. She was just an angel.

"The wedding was the best send-off she could have. It was a way to say goodbye to everybody."

"She was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Krzysztof Michalowski

A fundraising page has been set up to support the family.