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Battle of Jutland soldiers remembered at memorial

One hundred years ago the eyes of the world were on the North Sea - and the biggest battle in naval history as the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet met the German High Seas Fleet, at the Battle of Jutland.

The battle changed the course of the First World War. Today, one hundred years later, thousands of soldiers who died were remembered at a series of events on Orkney, in Scotland.

Through its strong traditions of shipbuilding and seafaring, the North East had close links to the battle. From the workers who built the warships to the men who fought and died.

At least 120 from the North East perished including the three Malcolm brothers from Stockton-on-Tees. Charles Malcolm, aged 22, John Robert Malcolm, aged 25, and Joseph Malcolm, aged 29, all died onboard the HMS Queen Mary when it was destroyed.

ITV Tyne Tees has spoken to local historian Alan Fidler, who has curated an exhibition in North Shields to commemorate the region's role on one of the Royal Navy's darkest days.

The HMS Queen Mary was destroyed in the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916 Credit: Alan Fidler