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Food banks will feed children in school holidays

A Trussell Trust food bank. Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Hartlepool is introducing a ground-breaking food bank scheme to stop children going hungry during the school holidays.

The £38,000 pilot project will target pupils who receive free school meals.

A food bank will distribute parcels from three distribution centres.

Food bank operators the Trussell Trust is involved in the scheme, which will run for the six week duration of the summer holidays.

Many children here are in receipt of free school meals and the welfare of these children during school holidays is of concern when they are unable to access a meal at school.

This initiative is designed to provide meals for children during the summer school holiday to ensure they do not go hungry and are well and ready to learn upon their return to school in September

– Sally Robinson Hartlepool Borough Council

The parcels will include basic store cupboard supplies such as rice, pasta, tinned vegetables and tinned meat and fish.

It is estimated that a total of 480 boxes (80 a week) will be distributed at a cost of £13,000.

Food bank facts

Three day emergency food supplies delivered to people in the North East this past year
Of these emergency supplies were for children

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