EU Referendum: Watch our explainer about what's going to happen on the night

EU Referendum voting guide Credit: PA

Thursday June 23 is an historic day when the country will decide on the UK's future, either in or out of the European Union.

We take you through what is going to happen on the day.

Sue Stanhope, counting officer for the North East said it's a huge operation.Local results will be sent to hubs in Leeds and in Sunderland where the regional totals will be added up and announced.

The regional totals will be sent to a national hub in Manchester, where the overall UK result is expected to be declared on Friday morning.


The number of polling stations across the North East

Across the whole of the North East there are 1,580 different polling stations from places like Holy Island in Northumberland all the way down to Teesside and across to Durham and of course Sunderland so it's a huge geographical area and lots of different challenges faced by that alone."

Sue Stanhope, counting officer for the North East