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Fishing crew rescued from sinking boat near Sunderland

Credit: RNLI

Eight crew members had to be rescued from a fishing boat after it started sinking a mile off the coast of Sunderland.

The RNLI were called from both Tynemouth and Sunderland stations on Sunday afternoon (26th June) after they received a Mayday distress call.

When crews arrived they found several of the anglers desperately trying to bale the water out from their boat.

They were immediately evacuated onto a lifeboat. Crew members from both lifeboats went onboard the sinking boat to set up water pumps.

It took around 30 minutes before the boat was stable enough to be towed back to Sunderland.

All the anglers were rescued and taken back onto dry land - none of them were injured.

Credit: RNLI

This was an excellent team effort from everyone involved. There is no doubt that without the intervention of our volunteer crews the anglers would have been in serious danger of going into the sea as their boat would have sunk in a short time and unfortunately they only had three lifejackets between the eight people.

We are all grateful for the support given by the local boating community who responded to the initial distress message to offer their support until our crews arrived.

– Adrian Don, spokesman for Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat station
The crew were taken safely to dry land Credit: RNLI