Memorial service held on centenary of Woodhorn Mining Disaster

A memorial service has been held on the centenary anniversary of the Woodhorn mining disaster at Woodhorn Musuem in Ashington. Thirteen men were killed on August 13th 1916 in a gas explosion.

Rescuers attempted to reach the men but discovered a roof fall and the men either dead or dying.

The service featured freadings from press coverage at the time and recollections of a victim’s daughter ready by a young girl of almost the same age.

The names of those killed are:

David Armstrong, deputy, 38 years of age.

Thomas Armstrong, deputy, 43 years of age.( brother of David).

George Blair, 46 years of age.

Daniel Harrison, deputy, ? years of age.

Joseph Harrogate, 29 years of age.

Robert Hindmarsh, deputy, 46years of age.

Joseph Hodgson, deputy, 38 years of age.

Ralph Howard, deputy, 44 years of age.

George R. Hudson, deputy, 38 years of age.

Walter Hughes, 38 years of age.

George Marshall, deputy, 43 years of age.

John George Patterson, stone cutter, 21 years of age.

Edward Walton, 48 years of age.