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RNLI evacuate seaman from ship off coast of Tynemouth

The City of Paris was off the coast of Tynemouth Photo: Tynemouth RNLI

An injured seaman had to be evacuated from his ship off the coast of Tynemouth last night after he impaled his finger on a fish hook.

The master of the vehicle carrier City of Paris radioed Humber Coastguard around 19:30 last night after the accident happened. The severity of the 35-year-old crewman's injuries meant he had to be evacuated and treated at hospital.

He was taken to Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital at Cramlington for his injuries.

RNLI climbed aboard to evacuate the seaman Credit: RNLI Tynemouth

"The seaman had been fishing while his ship was at anchor which isn't unusual, but unfortunately he hooked his own finger.

He wasn't badly injured and in good spirits but the hook was firmly embedded in his finger causing him some pain, and it wasn't possible to remove it without minor surgery.

We hope he makes a swift recovery and rejoins his ship, which is due to dock in the Tyne on Monday afternoon."

– Adrian Don, Tynemouth RNLI