The average family could save £700 a year by reducing their food waste according to WRAP, an organisation that campaigns to cut waste.

In a recent survey, they found almost 40% of working families in the North East cut back on buying essential food and clothing in a bid to help pay their mortgage.

Northumberland mum-of-two, Christine McAllister, got sick of wasting food and spending more money than she needed to on food shops. So, she revolutionised the way she bought, prepared and cooked food.

She set herself the goal of spending £50 a month on food shops and here, she shares some of her top tips for saving both money, and the amount of food you throw away:


Plan your weekly meals from what you have, not just what you fancy.


Make as much as you can from scratch. Grow your own potatoes, herbs etc.


Bulk out meals to make them last a few extra days. Potatoes, breadcrumbs, chickpeas, tinned tomatoes


Shop around for the best deals.Look for the cheapest cuts of meat etc. Roasts are good for leftovers


Always check the best before date. Don't throw it away until then! You might think of a recipe.


Cut the ends off your asparagus or leeks and use them in soups.


Always make stock from your meat carcass for soups and sauces.


Use things full of flavour (e.g. chorizo and parmesan) to add taste to less food.


Really cannot stress this enough. Plan your shopping list, recipes for the week, everything.

Watch Christine's interview with Pam Royle on ITV tonight Credit: ITV Tyne Tees