Buddy the dog rescued from garden swing

Buddy gets stuck in a garden swing Credit: PA

A dog has been rescued by the RSPCA after he got tangled in a garden swing.

Buddy howled and cried after getting himself snagged in the garden in Stockton, Teesside until a neighbour heard the commotion and called theRSPCA.

RSPCA deputy chief inspector John Lawson said Buddy was completely stuck and 'extremely distressed.'

The swing was tangled around his body, just in front of his back legs, and he couldn't move at all.

RSPCA deputy chief inspector John Lawson

RSPCA inspector Gemma Lynch said they did not know how one-year-old Buddy got himself stuck in the swing but was probably fooling around in the garden.

She added: "He certainly seemed pretty pleased to be free, he even gave me his paw!"