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Worrying details of 'killer clown' incidents

The craze started in America Photo: PA

Police are asking parents to warn their children of the consequences of trying to frighten people in the 'killer clown' craze.

In the early evening of October 10, North Yorkshire Police received at least eight reports from concerned members of the public about young people dressed up as clowns, jumping out at them or chasing after them.

"While some people may think this is funny, it is not for the person on the receiving end.

"It could also constitute a criminal offence if you frighten or threaten other people. The same applies regardless of what kind of mask you are wearing, if you set out to frighten or alarm people, you could be committing an offence."

– North Yorkshire Police

Of the incidents reported, the majority were believed to be children dressed up and included:

York Near Westfield Primary School – two young people with masks and one carrying a baseball bat frightened two 11-year-old boys. A primary school aged boy in Strensall was seen dressed as a clown, jumping out at people and shouting at them. Whitley Bridge, Selby Youths dressed as clowns, one carrying what appeared to be a knife, were chasing a group of girls and shouting after them.

Seamer Cricket Field, Scarborough Boy chased by two older boys dressed as clowns.

Northallerton Member of the public reported clown at their door, singing. Group of five youths wearing clown masks were seen jumping out at cars on Malpas Road. Police officers stopped the youths and they handed over their masks for destruction.

Skipton Clown stood in the middle of the road, vehicle had to swerve to avoid it. Clown banging on the window of pizza restaurant on the High Street.

If you see a clown report the incident to the police on 101. If your safety is threatened, call the police on 999.

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