Sports Direct: MPs 'find recording device' after unannounced visit to warehouse

Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley outside the Sports Direct headquarters in Shirebrook, Derbyshire. Credit: PA

A group of MPs claim to have found a recording device during privatediscussions after an unannounced visit to Sports Direct's controversialwarehouse in Derbyshire.

Members of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee travelled to Shirebrook for an on-the-spot inspection on Monday afternoon and were taken on a three-hour tour of the premises.

After the visit, the six MPs headed for a private room to discuss theirimpressions when they said a recording device was found.

Anna Turley, MP for Redcar, said:

At the end of the meeting, we sat down to have a private conversation in a room by ourselves.

Anna Turley MP

Ms Turley continued:

I think as a select committee, we'll get together and talk about what we did genuinely see today and there were some positive things - we think there was some effort in improvement and taking on board what the committee had said.

Anna Turley MP

Iain Wright, chair of the committee, said:

I'm really disappointed in the nature and spirit in which Sports Direct have conducted this visit.

Iain Wright MP

Mr Wright says he spoke to Sports Direct chief Mike Ashley on the phone after the MPs left the warehouse.

The MP said: "I don't think it was a particularly pleasant conversation foreither of us."

He added:

I would have liked Mike Ashley to have been here. We were always going to turn up unannounced. It's what he said we could do when he came before us in June and it's what we've done now.

Iain Wright MP

Ms Turley posted photographs of a miniature camera under a stool and next to a plate of sandwiches on Twitter.

She wrote: "Here is the camera I found which was placed under the stool onwhich the sandwiches were placed for our private meeting at #sportsdirect.

Here is another pic from a colleague. This is where it was hidden & where Ifound it before picking it up & placing on top as previous pic."