Ripon Sinkhole: Resident "gutted" at being forced to evacuate his home

Ben Bramley outside his Ripon home in North Yorkshire where a sink hole "with an unknown depth" appeared in the garden. Credit: PA

A resident has told how he is "gutted" at being forced to evacuate his homeafter a large sinkhole appeared in his back garden.

Ben Bramley, 43, and his wife Adelle Richardson, 40, have been told bystructural experts that their home in Magdalen's Road, Ripon, NorthYorkshire, is no longer habitable.

The couple, who have lived in the house for 13 years, came across thesinkhole behind their property after hearing a loud noise at 10.30pm last night (Wednesday 9th).

They were forced to flee the property with their 17-year-old son Joshua andspent the night with relatives.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said seven properties were evacuated after the sinkhole, which measures approximately 20m by 10m and has an unknown depth, appeared last night.

Ben said:

It's been traumatic since 10.30pm last night when I heard thehole. We have had the council, the fire service and structural surveyors to see if the houses are habitable which they're not.


It was all dusty. All the garden furniture and the fence were down the hole. It is from the back door right up to the garage.


Ben, who spent the night at his parents home, returned to his property thismorning.

He said:

It is incredibly difficult finding out we have no where to go now.