Scarlett voted to take part in the I'm A Celebrity Big Bush Bake Off

Scarlett Moffatt Credit: ITV

TV stars Scarlett Moffatt and Carol Vorderman were both voted by the public to undertake the day’s Bushtucker Trial.

County Durham's Scarlett said: "I don’t know why but when I woke up this morning, I had like a Mystic Meg moment and I just knew that I would be doing the Bushtucker Trial. I just knew."

Later she said: “One of my favourite foods is doner meat and that’s a doner, it isn’t even like a real animal. I don’t know what I’m eating when I that so I think I’ll be fine on this Trial."

Carol told Scarlett: "We’ve got to imagine we’ve been walking through the desert for days and we’re really starving and we’ll eat anything.

In the Bush Telegraph Carol said: "How bad can it be? Get it down you. Do you have to swallow?"

Scarlett as Camp Deputy Credit: ITV

Scarlett added later: "I’m really going to struggle. I'm just really gaggy in general. I don’t know how I’m going to handle it."

And Carol revealed: "I promised my mum that I wouldn’t eat anything rude if I got this Trial."

Scarlett replied: "Tell her to go and make a cup of tea."