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Weather: Winter forecast from the Met Office

Winter 2016/17 Photo: Matthew Oliphant

The 1st December marks the start of the Meteorological Winter.

With this now just a couple of days away the Met Office have issued their long range outlook for the months of December to February.

They suggest the early part of the season is more likely than usual to be cold. This means a higher risk of wintry weather during December and into January.

Credit: Met Office

"This time last year our outlook gave advance warning of the risk of the very mild, stormy and wet start to winter that was linked to the flooding in Cumbria, but this year indications are very different."

– Doctor Jeff Knight, Met Office

More standard winter weather is still marginally more likely.

But, the risk of cold conditions at the start of winter is greater than it has been in recent years.

Cold weather Credit: Neil Wayper

At the moment there appears to be a shift towards less risk of cold conditions later in the winter.