Plans to extend Boulby mine licence by 40-years

Cleveland Potash Mine at Boulby Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Cleveland Potash Limited has announced that work has begun to secure the longterm future of its mine in Boulby. The company is seeking approval from the North York Moors Park Authority to extend it's planning permission which is currently set to expire in 2023.

Obviously there will be a great deal of detailed work required in the coming months in advance of submitting the application. We have already begun initial discussions with the Park Authority on the information they will require"

Marc Kirsten, Managing Director

The company says it will be submitting an application to extend its current licence by a further 40 years.

Boulby has faced significant challenges in recent times but the decision to seek permission for continuing operations for a further 40 years demonstrates our commitment to ensure that we meet the challenges and ensure that Boulby can continue to make a significant contribution to the local community and economy.”

Marc Kirsten, Managing Director
Boulby mine Credit: ITV Tyne Tees