Sister's tribute single in memory of her brother

Anthony Iverson died suddenly at the age of 14 Credit: "Heartbeat" music video

A Billingham sister has released a charity single in memory of her brother who died 14 years ago.

Anthony Iverson, also from Billingham, was only 14 when he passed away overnight back in 2002. At an inquest Anthony's cause of death was considered to be "unascertainable".

Over a decade later Anthony's sister Dawn has put pen to paper, writing a song to express the pain her family felt after losing her brother at such a young age.

Since his death, Anthony's brothers and sisters have fundraised for heart charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) with every penny made from Dawn's single "Heartbeat" being donated to the charity.

But fundraising isn't the only motivation behind the release of the single. Dawn is hoping to raise awareness of sudden deaths as a result of cardiac risk in young people.

Free screenings are currently provided by the charity CRY but Dawn is calling for screenings to be more readily available on the NHS in a bid to reduce to number of young people dying suddenly.

Dawn’s single, Heartbeat, is available to buy on iTunes, Google Music and Amazon now for 99p.

All the money made from the single is to be donated to, who tour the country providing £35 heart screenings for free.