Sacks full of Christmas cards sent to Bradley Lowery

Bradley Lowery Credit: Bradley Lowery Facebook

Thousands of Christmas cards from around the world have been sent to Bradley Lowery.

The five-year-old from Blackhall in County Durham has Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.

His parents received the the devastating news last week that treatment in America, which had been funded by public donations, will not save his life because the tumour has grown.

His story prompted a campaign for Bradley to receive Christmas cards to make his Christmas extra special, as well as raise awareness of Neuroblastoma.

Close family friend Lynn Murphy organised the Christmas card campaign. Her garage is now home to sacks full of cards, letters and gifts. Each of them opened, read and hugely appreciated.

They've come from Canada, they've come from Australia, we've had them from Kenya, Africa, China, we had one delivered yesterday from South Korea, America, you know everywhere all over the world have been touched by Bradley's story. "A lot of people had never heard of neuroblastoma until Bradley was diagnosed, There's lots of children in the same ward as Bradley with exactly the same thing, that aren't heard of and with Bradley's story, we've put neuroblastoma on the map" >

Lynn Murphy, Family Friend