RSPCA rescue seal pup outside Middlesbrough's Riverside stadium

A seal pup has been rescued by the RSPCA outside of Middlesbrough FC ground on Wednesday 4 January. Credit: RSPCA

A seal pup has been rescued by the RSPCA near Middlesbrough FC's ground on Wednesday 4 January.

A dog walker called the animal welfare charity after spotting the little grey seal pup lying on a path outside the Riverside Stadium.

RSPCA officers believe the seal swam inland from the sea along the River Tees, which runs right past the stadium.

It's not uncommon for seals to swim up rivers away from the sea in search of food but they usually find their way back.

The seal has now been name Little Chris and is currently being looked after at Stapeley Grange wildlife Credit: RSPCA

The seal - now named Little Chris - is doing well at Stapeley Grange wildlife centre. Chris will remain in care until he is old enough and strong enough to be released back into the wild.