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Security tightened following illegal Tyne Bridge rave

Security at the Tyne Bridge is being reviewed after more than two hundred people attended a New Year's Day rave in one of its' towers.

Police had to break in and evacuate the site and have yet to identify the organisers.

Police were called to the scene where they discovered that music and sound equipment had illegally been connected to the electricity supply. Credit: Newcastle City Council

Newcastle City Council manage the building and have faced questions on how security was breached. They are reviewing what they do at the site and have fitted new metal plates to reinforce the entrance.

One Newcastle MP says that people need to be protected from what is an iconic but dangerous place.

Whilst it is a brilliant space it is also a death trap right now, it really does need for people to be protected.

I hope that the police are learning lessons from what has happened and those responsible for the tower.

– Chi Onwurah MP, Newcastle Central

Newcastle City council says the rave has created interest that could possibly help in the future:

It is a huge space and it's not used at the moment.

We are interested to hear from people that might have suggestions about turning it into a business use or other types of uses that could lend itself to this type of space.

– Cllr Stephen Pollard, Newcastle City Council
Inside the Tyne Bridge lift shaft where the illegal rave took place. Credit: ITV News