'Lazy' delivery man caught on CCTV throwing £50 package containing glass bottles over fence

A 'lazy' delivery driver has been caught on camera throwing a parcel worth £50 - and which contained glass bottles - over a fence.

The Hermes driver is seen walking up to the house in Gateshead to deliver the make-up to customer Kaitlin Mitchinson.

But instead of trying the gate or knocking on the door, he is seen hurling the package 20ft into her garden.

Miss Mitchinson said she had received an email from Hermes to say her parcel had been delivered through her letterbox - but it was nowhere to be seen.

After searching, the 19-year-old eventually found the parcel in her garden.

Confused at how it had ended up there, she checked CCTV footage.

She said: "I was really annoyed when I watched it back. The guy didn’t even try to open the back gate, he went to go up the front but came back and just threw it.

"It was so lucky it didn’t all smash, there were glass bottles in there."

The parcel lands in the garden. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Hermes has since apologised "unreservedly" for the incident and said the driver involved had now been sacked.

A spokesperson added: "This behaviour is completely unacceptable and we can confirm the courier in the video no longer delivers parcels for Hermes."