Couple defend decision to fundraise online for private fertility treatment

A couple have defended their decision to fundraise £7,000 for fertility treatment Credit: Chelsea and Sarah's baby journey

A couple from Middlesbrough have defended their decision to use crowdfunding to raise £7,000 for treatment which will help them have a longed for baby.

Sarah and Chelsea Cruickshank-Maltby have turned to Go Fund Me afterclaiming that they cannot afford private Intrauterine insemination treatment (IUI) - because one of them is on benefits.

The couple, who want to raise the money for three lots of treatment, saythat it is their "human right" to be able to have a child - regardless of theiremployment status.

Sarah, 24, said:

The couple from Middlesbrough, claimed that they have been denied a loan by Zebra Finance, who allow monthly payments for IUI, because they have poor credit scores and are on benefits.

Unemployed Chelsea, says she can't work because of her asthma and aims to be a stay at home mum.

The 25-year-old added:

The couple say they just want to complete their family Credit: PA

Admin Agency worker Sarah, who works unpredictable hours, added:

The couple set up their Go Fund me Page on Saturday February 5 and have so far raised £55.