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Dogs Trust seeks home for ‘sheepish’ lookalikes

Coco and Bob aren’t your average Bedlington Terriers. Photo: Dogs Trust Darlington

Coco and Bob aren’t your average Bedlington Terriers.

With lambing season now upon us you would be forgiven for thinking they were a pair of young lambs who were lost, after ending up at a Dogs Trust Darlington.

Carers at the Darlington branch of Dogs Trust are seeking potential owners who can provide a loving home to 12-year-old Coco and 13-year-old Bob.

February is known by the farming community as lambing season, therefore are usually kept busy ensuring the offspring of their sheep are introduced to the world in a safe environment.

12-year-old Coco and 13-year-old Bob Credit: Dogs Trust Darlington

Like Coco and Bob, sometimes farmers need to find adoptive parents for newly born lambs who lose their own.

Sue Embleton, Rehoming Centre Manager for Dogs Trust Darlington, said:

When we first saw Coco and Bob, we did think lambing season had started early due to their curly coats.

It isn’t until you catch them wagging their tails or playing with their toys that you realise they are most certainly dogs.

We are hoping to find them a home where they will have lots of space to play. They have such great natures and can live with adults, children over the age of eight and potentially other dogs.

To be likened to a lamb is a big compliment for Coco and Bob because they are more mature in age, so they have obviously managed to keep their “ewe-thful” looks.”

– Sue Embleton, Dogs Trust Darlington

If you think you could shepherd them into a better life, please get in touch with Dogs Trust Darlington.