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Russell Brand pops into Hartlepool hairdressers

Customers smile with the film star and comedian Photo: UPPAL CUTZ Salon

Comedian and film star Russell Brand was described as "an absolute gent" after he popped in to say hello to the customers of a Hartlepool hair salon.

He was on a break from filming a TV show at the local hospital when he walked past Uppal Cutz and the ladies who were in the salon on Wednesday afternoon spotted him and waved.

Minutes later he came back and ventured in to speak to the customers and asked if any of them wanted a photo, one of the hairdressers said.

Nathalie Stevens, who runs the salon with Violet Draper, said:

He was absolutely smashing, really polite and nice.

He made an effort with the customers, asked them if they wanted a photo, he was very gentlemanly.

It was very odd, we were all star-struck. He was an absolute gent."

– Nathalie Stevens
Russell Brands poses along side customers and hairdressers at the salon Credit: UPPAL CUTZ Salon

Brand told staff his famous locks were getting long and he might be back for a cut.

It was absolutely fab, we've only been open for a year or so, so me and my work partner are absolutely ecstatic"

– Nathalie Stevens