Sunderland striker Fabio Borini insists the Black Cats have the experience needed to win their battle against relegation.

The striker was speaking at an open training session at the Stadium of Light on Monday, following the squad's return from a bonding trip to New York.

As the half-term holidays began, thousands of young fans watched the Sunderland players being put through their paces by David Moyes and his backroom staff.

Many have tipped Sunderland to be relegated this season, but supporters who turned out to watch their team train told ITV Tyne Tees that they're confident their side can survive and stay in the Premier League.

During Sunderland's team bonding trip to New York, David Moyes put his players through their paces with intense gym and bike sessions.

Moyes returns to his former club Everton on Saturday with his new side Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

New York was a team bonding trip, and we did that and now hopefully we achieve what we want to achieve. "We've managed to get out of worse positions than what we are in today, the fans will be the key to helping us stay up and we will be the other key. "We're always confident we can get out of trouble. We always get out of trouble, so we will get out this season as well hopefully."

Fabio Borini, Sunderland striker