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Prince Harry's visit to the North East continues

Prince Harry is continuing to visit areas around the North East.

His Royal Highness spent Tuesday morning at the Walking with the Wounded charity in Gateshead.

Prince Harry spent around an hour talking to people involved with Head Start, which provides mental health support to ex-service personnel, and Project Nova, which identifies and supports veterans involved in anti-social and criminal activity.

Speaking to the group, he commended the charity on its work.

"What you guys are doing here is truly fantastic.

"There are guys and girls who, because of you, have been taken out of an incredibly dark place and offered a train track heading in one direction.

"They have turned their lives around and can be recognised for the service that they gave and the people that they are, rather than the mistakes they made."

– Prince Harry

Adam Petson, 39, from Middlesbrough, talked to Harry about the support he received from Project Nova after becoming involved in crime after leaving the Army.

He was very charismatic, down-to-earth, nice, he really did listen. It's lovely seeing someone taking a real interest, especially someone of his stature. "He does have a passion for it, you can see that in the way he speaks, his eye contact, he wants to know your story but also what he can do to influence changes in the system."

– Adam Petson
His Royal Highness spent the morning at the Walking with the Wounded charity in Gateshead Credit: PA IMAGES

I'm delighted to be able to show him, this is the coal face, this is where the work is being done. "Prince Harry is a veteran himself, this means an enormous amount to him.

"For us, as an organisation where he's giving us some support, it makes an enormous amount of difference. He's a very, very passionate man about this."

– Ed Parker, CEO of Walking With The Wounded

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