Michael Dunn victim tells how she was kept hidden from police in violent paedophile's hidey-hole

A victim of Michael Dunn has told of her ordeal (library picture) Credit: PA

A victim of Michael Dunn has told of her ordeal at the hands of the violent paedophile.

The woman was just 14 when Dunn began to prey on her and kept her concealed in a 'hidey-hole' in his kitchen.

Police went to search his house in Greater Manchester eight or nine times, but she was never found.

Dunn was jailed for 27 years at Teesside Crown Court on Wednesday.

Speaking exclusively to ITV News, the victim had described what it was like behind the false wall.

Small, cold and dark. It was horrible. When the police came out, they put their hand on the board, as if they were going to move it, and I'm thinking - go on, go on, go on - but they didn't. I could have screamed out... I was too frightened of him - what he was capable of doing. I would never gone through all those years of hell with him.

Victim of Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn kept his young victim in a hidey hole

The woman was later repeatedly raped and falsely imprisoned at their home in Redcar.

She reported him to police in 2014.

She said she has got "nothing now."

She added: "I'm still having nightmares, where I've been beaten or been raped by him. I've relived them all and I'm still re-living them now."