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City of York council invests £2m on streetlights

York council invests £2m on streetlights

Thousands of York’s ageing streetlights are set for an overhaul through a £2m investment by City of York Council.

The council has a responsibility to maintain over 21,000 streetlights including 5,500 concrete columns across the city.

However, many lights were installed over 50 years ago, in the 60s through to the 80s, and are at the end of their natural life and failing to contribute to carbon reduction targets.

Previous schemes have replaced around 1,000 steel and concrete columns and almost half of the city’s streetlights (10,000) with new ‘white lights’ or LED technology.

Approval was given in February 2017 to invest a further £2m council funding into a new four-year programme of works to enable the remainder of the lights to be replaced.

These works are now set to get underway to install 2,000 concrete and steel columns and fund structural maintenance checks for 12,000 light columns city wide. All replacement columns with old sodium lights will also be replaced with new white light LEDs.

The rollout of LED lights is expected to save around £100k per annum in electricity usage. This will save the taxpayer over £2.5m over 25years. In addition, the new LEDs will help to further reduce environmental impacts.

Superintendent Adam Thomson, Commander of York Police, said:

We welcome City of York Council’s efforts to increase visibility at night time which helps promote a feeling of safety and reassurance. The new lights will also help deter criminal and antisocial behaviour as well as helping to improve the clarity of CCTV images.”

– Adam Thomson

What are the benefits of LED lights?

  • LED lighting has a lower energy consumption (offering the lowest possible running costs: less than 100 watts for the highest power units; whereas with other forms of lighting much more energy is wasted generating heat);
  • Superior quality illumination (even spread of light, no dark or bright spots, better targeting especially with higher-end LED lighting products);
  • Longer product life and reliability (up to 100,000 hours - in comparison fluorescent bulbs typically last 10,000 hours and incandescent bulbs 1,000; the best LED products available today deliver 10-years life, with warranty);
  • No maintenance (no bulb failure, no down-time);
  • Instant start (no warm up time for full light output);
  • Suitable for challenging environments (higher-end products are weather-hardened, hot and cold climate tolerant, vandal resistant).