Pigeons killed in allotment arson attack

Three fire engines were sent to tackle the flames. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Ten high value racing pigeons have been killed after a suspected arson attack in Gateshead.

It happened at around 1:25 on bank holiday Monday, 1 May, at an allotment off Cobden Street in the Mount Pleasant area of the town.

Upon arrival emergency services found pigeon crees and parts of the allotment alight.

Three fire engines were sent to tackle the flames.

By 3 o'clock firefighters had the fire under control.

The majority of racing pigeons housed in the crees managed to escape but around 10 high value racing were killed in the suspected attack.

Further fire damage to buildings on the allotment means the total cost of the blaze is estimated at around £5,000.

Police are looking in to exactly what caused the fire but confirm they are treating the incident as suspicious.

Officers investigating the fire are appealing for help from the public.

Neighbourhood Inspector Mick Robson said:

Group Manger, David Leach, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: