Cyber attack: Advice for NHS patients

Northumbria NHS Trust affected by Friday's cyber attacks

All planned CT and MRI scans due to take place on Monday have been postponed by the Northumbria NHS Trust.

It follows ongoing recovery from a global cyber attack on Friday 12th May. The Trust has said the scans will be rearranged.

They are also urging people to avoid attending Accident and Emergency services unless it is a serious or life-threatening emergency, and are warning people to expect delays to other services.

  • Advice for patients

A number of NHS organisations have been affected by a ransomware attack (an attack on the IT systems which support NHS services).

This attack was not specifically targeted at the NHS but it has had an impact on NHS services and as a result a small number of hospitals have had to make changes to patient appointments over the next few days.

The NHS is working hard to ensure that as few patients as possible are affected. Below is guidance for those accessing the NHS over the coming days.

  • Planned treatment and outpatient appointments

A small number of hospitals have had to cancel patient appointments whilst they recover their IT systems following this incident.

If you have a planned operation, procedure or outpatient appointment at a hospital affected by this incident, please visit the hospital website for further advice and information about routine services at this time. If you are still unsure what to do, contact the hospital directly.

Patients already in hospital at this time will continue to receive normal care. Inpatients will be told if any changes to their planned treatment are needed because of this incident.

  • If you have a GP appointment

Patients with GP appointments scheduled should attend their appointment unless they have been contacted by their GP and told not to do so.

Your GP practice will be open and working as normal during this time. However, you may experience some difficulties contacting the surgery while telephone systems are being reconnected.

Appointments may be slower than usual, as some surgeries will be using paper based records whilst electronic systems are switched back on.