Pub syndicate from Saltburn find forgotten lottery ticket in plant pot

The Queens Syndicate celebrate their win. Credit: ITV News

A pub syndicate are celebrating after finding a forgotten lottery ticket ina plant pot.

The lucky drinkers and life long friends from Saltburn have scooped £1,093,805 which they will share between them.

The Queens Syndicate - named after the pub where they all either work or drink - bought their winning ticket from the Spar in Saltburn.

The prize from the EuroMillions draw on 28th April had remained outstanding until one of the syndicate members discovered the ticket in his lucky plant pot in his kitchen.

He took it to the local shop to have it checked and was amazed by what hediscovered.

Each member of the syndicate will now bank £156,257.

Credit: ITV News

Steven, a steel fixer, who always buys the tickets for the syndicate, said:

I put this ticket in a plant pot in my kitchen for safe keeping. We have had a few small wins in the past and we all hoped one day we would win £1M! I was popping out to the local Spar and the plant pot just caught my eye as I was walking out of the door so I thought I would take the ticket just to check on the off chance. When the lady behind the counter said: “You have won big here” I just said to her: “Don’t be silly!” And she replied saying: “No, really, it is a big winning ticket.