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Thousands turn out for Children's Cancer Run at Newcastle Racecourse

Runners raise money for Cancer research Photo: ITV News

Thousands of people have turned out for the 35th annual Children's Cancer Run at Newcastle Racecourse.

Around 9,000 runners, young and old, came together to raise a target of £200,000 to help fight childhood cancer.

Many seasoned athletes took part and younger runners too. A lot of the participants had been directly affected by cancer and had personal moving stories to tell.

It's been very touching. I mean whilst we have incredible rates of survival now in children's cancer there is still very sad stories around and still very much a need to raise money. This is our 35th year. We think in total we will have raised £7million and every single penny of it is going to fund research here in Newcastle.

– Chris Peacock, North of England Children's Cancer Research Fund

The runners took part in staggered events including a five mile, three mile and a mini mile.