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Melanie Hartshorn: "It was 100% worth it"

Melanie has taken to social media to thank people for supporting her through the surgery Photo: Melanie Hartshorn

A young woman from Northumberland has been able to sit up in a wheelchair for the first time in years after surgery in Spain.

Melanie Hartshorn was only able to lie down flat. The 27-year-old flew to Spain to have an operation which fused the base of her skull to her spine. The operation is also to try and prevent her from suffering fatal brain damage.

"So this happened tonight..... and with no seizures!

I was TERRIFIED, it was like running a marathon... but it was 100% worth it!

Come on body, keep going, the first time is always the worst. Now to rest and get pain under control as I'm in agony - onwards and upwards!"

– Melanie Hartshorn on Facebook

A neurosurgeon in Barcelona agreed to take on Melanie's case at a cost of £80,000 and so her family has been fundraising.

This is the first time Melanie has been able to sit up in years Credit: Melanie Hartshorn