City centre bus lane signs described as 'inadequate'

A driver's eye view of John Dobson Street Credit: ITV News

Signs warning motorists about restricted access to a road in Newcastle city centre have been described as 'inadequate' in an official report.

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal investigated complaints about the bus route in John Dobson Street.

More than 95 thousand fines were issued to drivers there, in the space of 13 months, after changes stopped cars from using it.

The hearing, which was conducted earlier this year, found, relating to the northbound lane, that overall signage is 'inadequate.'

That's because:

  • A motorist is entitled to know what lays ahead of them before entering the road

  • There is no warning to motorists prior to entering that it is no longer a through route

  • The main warning sign prior to the bus lane isn't sufficiently visible if the motorist is behind a bus

  • The wording used on advanced signage is vague

A council spokesperson said the purpose of the bus lane is about improving public transport, reducing air pollution and making the city centre safer for pedestrians and cyclists.