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First look at Newcastle Uni's new £58m Sciences building

Newcastle University's £58m Urban Sciences Building is nearing completion, with pictures being released offering the first look inside.

The building will become the new home for the university's School of Computing Science and its 1,395 staff and students.

The exterior design shows a portrait of every link and data point that makes up Newcastle University’s website. The “web of connections” also represents the importance of collaboration in University research.

University professors say the design of the building reflects its purpose:

We conceive of the University in bricks and mortar but the virtual and ephemeral connections between people, places and organisations within and outside the institution are just as important. These connections represent an invisible university which is rarely seen.

– Dr Dade-Robertson, Newcastle Univsersity

Fifty years ago, Newcastle University awarded some of the first degrees in computing.

Then, computers were rare and big beasts; now almost every aspect of our lives depends on communicating digital devices.

As hundreds of us come and go through it every day, Martyn’s powerful work on the glass façade of the USB will remind us – students, teachers, researchers and professional staff – of the scale, potential and fragility of the digital world in which we work and for which we have responsibility.

– Professor John Fitzgerald, Head of the School of Computing