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Berwick MP: 'We'll have another election by 2019'

Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP Photo: ITV News

North East Conservative MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan said she expects there to be another General Election by 2019.

When questioned on ITV News Tyne Tees about when the next election might be, the re-elected MP for Berwick Upon Tweed said "not before 2019".

My instinct would be that the Prime Minister will drive forwards the minority government and get through the Brexit negotiations, so I think we'll see two years of stability whilst we do that. We'll see so, I think, not before 2019."

– Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

Trevelyan's comments are somewhat different to that of the Prime Minister, who has spoken this afternoon of her intention to form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party over the next five years.

Speaking outside Number 10, Theresa May said: "We will fulfill the promise of Brexit together and, over the next five years, build a country in which no-one and no community is left behind.

Trevelyan, the Brexiteer who held the seat against Labour with an 11,781 majority is one of only three Conservative MPs to represent the North East.

The Tories failed to gain ground in the region, with the only major changes being the loss of the Stockton South constituency to Labour, balanced out by the gaining of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland from Labour.

Despite the Conservative's poor performance, Trevelyan said she stands by the Prime Minister's decision to call a snap election.

It was absolutely clearly done to give her a strong mandate so she could go to the Brexit negotiations with a clear voice from the party and with 42.4% of the vote across the UK, that is an extraordinary mandate. That is a higher share than we've seen in decades for the Conservative Party and I am very pleased that she is going to go forwards and make a government that will be going to those Brexit negotiations in ten days time."

– Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

Moving forward, the MP said she still considers Brexit as one of her top priorities.

Almost half of people in the Berwick Upon Tweed constituency, 54.1 per cent voted 'leave' in the EU referendum.

Trevelyan believes the promise of a strong Brexit deal helped to strengthen her campaign:

Certainly in Northumberland and in my constituency Berwick Upon Tweed, so many former Labour voters said they were voting for me, not because they've become Conservative, but because they didn't want Corbyn to be Prime Minister and they wanted a strong Brexit deal for Great Britain. That I know, is what Theresa May will go out to achieve for them."

– Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

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