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Campaign to raise profile of inspirational female coaches

Newcastle girls hockey club Credit: Tyne and Wear sport

A campaign to raise the profile of female coaches in sport across the North of England is coming to the North East.

Currently only 30% of the coaching workforce are women and the percentage of female coaches receiving a qualification each year is 17%.

The 'Pass On Your Passion campaign' aims to recognise great coaches in our area and get more women into coaching..

What will the campaign involve?

The #PassOnYourPassion campaign involves 22 coaches and participants from clubs in the North East being highlighted by their members as inspirational and passionate about their coaching.

They have each been given a baton by Tyne and Wear Sport and asked to pass it on to a female participant from their club.

These women are then helped and supported to gain the right qualifications and experience to begin their own coaching journey.

Two of the coaches involved in the campaign are weightlifters Charlotte Dinsdale and Lily Petts from North Tyneside Barbells who were nominated by head coach Steve Sharp.

"We asked clubs in Tyne & Wear to send us their nominations of female coaches at every level who help and inspire women and girls to get involved in sport and we had a terrific response. We have coaches from a wide range of sports but the one thing they have in common is their passion for encouraging and inspiring the participants who they coach, and we wanted to thank them for that."

– Ruth Nicholson, coach development manager for Tyne & Wear Sport

"I have been a member of North Tyneside Barbells for two years come October. I currently help assist coach the junior barbells class and take part of the senior classes. Since joining the club I have watched my body change; my self-confidence is through the roof because my coach has pushed my body beyond its limit and I'm forever grateful. As a result of his hard work and seeing the joy he gets out of it, it has inspired me to want to be a coach. I too want to be able to make other people as happy and as confident as I am now through my role as a coach."

– Lily Petts
Weightlifters Charlotte Dinsdale and Lily Petts from North Tyneside Barbells Credit: Tyne and Wear Sport