“I need more major surgery on my spine” Fundraising continues for Melanie Hartshorn

Mel has been told her

A Cramlington woman has been told she needs MORE surgery to fuse her lower spine after a massive pioneering operation to stabilise her neck and skull and upper spine.

She raised over £90,000 to pay for her first procedure,which she credits with saving her life – carried out at the Teknon hospital inBarcelona.

Dr. Gilete and Dr.Oliver and their team say she now needs another operation, which will cost £60,000.

This will fuse her lower spine enabling to sit up for longer periods of time and stop the risk of her becoming paralysed.

“I just hope that people with donate to the cause when they see how well I am doing”.

The operation is scheduled for later this month and if successful it should mean she can sit up for longer periods of time without pain.

The same team at the hospital Tecknon in Barcelona will carry out the procedure.

Mel says she will continue to fundraise so that she has enough money to pay for this new operation and also pay for her medical flights home.

She says you can’t put a price on your health, and the quality of life it has been able to buy her.

WATCH: Mel's surgeons explain why she needs more surgery