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HMS Queen Elizabeth - part made in the North East prepares for maiden launch

HMS Queen Elizabeth sits in dock ahead of her maiden launch Photo: PA

The Royal Navy's largest-ever aircraft carrier, which has parts made in the North East, will set sail for the first time.

HMS Queen Elizabeth was built in sections around the UK and shipped to Roswyth to be put together. A&P Group, in Hebburn South Tyneside built her flight deck, which is the size of five football pitches.

Some of the steel used to make up the vessel was also built at plants in Hartlepool and Skinningrove, on Teesside.

She will take to sea with a crew of 700 - though the ship holds operates at a capacity of 1,600 when a full complement of F-35B jets and Crowsnest helicopters are on board.

The ship's commander, Captain Jerry Kyd, said despite her huge size HMS Queen Elizabeth would be an "incredibly flexible tool" showing the scale of British ambition to act as a leading world player.

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