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Catterick Garrison Troops prepare for peacemaking mission in South Sudan

Catterick Garrison Credit: PA

Troops from Catterick Garrison prepare to undertake peacemaking mission in South Sudan.

The troops will serve as engineers in the country, which has been ravaged by conflict, famine and disease in recent years.

The deployment of 162 British personnel from Catterick will increase the number of UK military in country to around 400.

They are part of a British contingent aiding a wider UN peacekeeping force.

Some troops have left already.

International Development Secretary Priti Patel Credit: PA

International Development Secretary Priti Patel has visited members of 32 Engineer Regiment at Catterick Garrison in Yorkshire, as they prepare to deploy.

The troops will primarily be split between Malakal and Bentiu in the north of South Sudan. There they will provide engineering and medical support at UN camps and help to develop logistical routes to improve the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The work is vital in a country where movement by road is almost impossible due to a lack of infrastructure.

In South Sudan 6 million people face the daily reality of going without enough food and water.

Nearly 4 million people have been forced from their homes because of ruthless violence and widespread sexual assault.

The members of our Armed Forces are a credit to our country and ahead of their deployment to the UN peacekeeping mission to save lives in South Sudan, I'm delighted to have met men and women from 32 Engineer Regiment.

The situation on the ground in South Sudan is catastrophic and a man-made disaster. Conflict and instability has led to grotesque levels of violence and persecution, and Britain is leading the way in providing life-saving and emergency food, water and medicine to those in need.

The engineering and medical expertise of our deployed British soldiers will make a real difference, bringing skills that the UN desperately needs to protect innocent people in this terrible conflict.

Britain can stand tall in the world, with the dedication of our Armed Forces helping to save lives, rebuild South Sudan and bringing stability and peace to the people who live there.”

– Priti Patel

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