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North East dog owners 'happier and healthier' because of their pets

People with dogs spend longer outdoors as part of a healthier lifestyle Credit: PA

Over 86 per cent of pet owners in the North East believe having a dog can help to bring stress levels down.

At least that's according to research by a manufacturer of pet supplements.

They reckon the average dog owner in the North East is less stressed and happier in life because of their pet.

The research found that people with no dog spend longer watching TV and less time outdoors.

In fact, it was discovered people without a pooch watch 14 hours more TV a month, averaging an extra 3.5 hours per week, than those with a four-legged friend.

Nationally dog owners spend an hour and 12 minutes longer outdoors each week than those without a dog.

Dog owners’ hobbies are also more likely to be active and outdoor pursuits, with dog owners being bigger fans of cycling, going for walks and gardening.

  • Over 86 per cent of people in the North East now consider their dog to be an integral part of their family
  • 42 per cent even buy their pet a gift at Christmas and for their birthday.
  • 80 per cent with a dog are ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’ with their life overall, compared to just 70 per cent of people without a four-legged friend.
  • Over 86 per cent of dog owners in the North East put their general health at average and above levels than those who don’t have a dog.