Teenagers warn of cold water shock after losing friend

Cameron Gosling was 14 years old Credit: Campaigning for Cam

A group of teenagers who saw their friend die when he jumped into the River Wear have been telling their story, for the first time, in the hope of saving other lives.

Cameron Gosling died of cold water shock when he jumped into the river at Witton Park, near Bishop Auckland, in July 2015.

He and friends were at the river on a hot day when Cameron jumped into the cold water without acclimatising to the temperature. His body went into shock causing him to drown.

His friends, Laura Cowan, Ellis Hanley, Matty Wraith and Kian Johnson are appearing in videos on social media, talking about that day, in the hope their message reaches other teenagers and stops them putting their lives at risk.

The videos have been created by the Safe Durham Partnership as part of the Dying to be Cool campaign. Cameron's Mum, Fiona Gosling, is heading the campaign.

Julia Barthram went to meet the friends back at the place where Cameron died. Watch her report here: