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Weather: This year's STORM NAMES are announced

What are this year's Storm Names? Photo: Will Powell

The list of storm names for 2017/18 has been issued by the Met Office.

With autumn underway things are already becoming more unsettled - how long will it be before we see our first named storm?

Let's hope it won't be for a while - but you might as well become acquainted with this year's names:

2017/18 Storm Names Credit: Met Office

The naming of storms started in 2015 as a way to make bad weather easier to highlight.

The concept seems to be working drawing more attention to severe weather and making it simpler for people to keep track of.

How many of the last couple of years' storms do you remember?

2016/17 Storm Names Credit: Met Office
Last year's storms
2015/16 Storm Names
The storms of 2015/16