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Sam Lavery talks X Factor, new music and going on tour

Sam Lavery as 16 when she auditioned for The X Factor Photo: Kim Glover Entertainment

X Factor favourite Sam Lavery is going on tour and releasing new music.

The singer from County Durham has been speaking to Tyne Tees about how the ITV talent show can change your life. Having just turned 18, Sam says she's found her sound, cemented her style and she's ready to hit the road next year.

“It’s called The Sam Lavery Tour – it’s so weird to say that out loud. It’s crazy, I am so excited, this is everything I have ever dreamed of.

I want the shows to be amazing. I am so looking forward to getting on that stage. I cannot wait to meet everyone after the gigs. I really hope they enjoy it and have fun. I’m going to make sure they do!"

– Sam Lavery


  • 24 Jan The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
  • 25 Jan Thousand Island, London
  • 26 Jan Georgian Theatre, Stockton
  • 27 Jan Think Tank, Newcastle

What can the audience expect?

"I will perform Walk Away, my first single, and I will also be singing my second single – it’s a secret at the moment but I think everyone will like it. I’ll do a few covers and I hope to throw in some songs from The X Factor – but with a twist – I’m going to shake up the style of them. I’m planning to release an EP before the tour too.

Over the last couple of months I have been able to show people that I know my style. My second single really builds on Walk Away. I hope to keep building, there’s always more to learn and new directions to take. I feel like audiences get my style now."

– Sam Lavery

Sam developed a strong fan-base during her time on The X Factor, where she was mentored my music industry giant Simon Cowell. She says she made friends for life and the support for her new music is stronger than ever.

"The 5am boys sent me their best wishes – none of us can believe it has been a year since The X Factor. It’s madness really! I don’t know where the time has gone. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The people I have met, the places I have been, the events I have been invited to – and now a tour – my own tour!"

– Sam Lavery
Sam has taken to the stage at arenas since leaving the ITV show Credit: @SamLavery_

We have only seen one weekend of The X Factor this year - the second episode of the audition stages airs on September 9. So what advice does Sam have for the contestants?

"If I could give anyone taking part some advice it would be to simply be yourself. Everyone knows if you’re real or not. Enjoy every second because it goes so quickly. Any singers from the North East will have bags of support. The region is known for it. People here are so loyal – there’s a real dedication – best fan base going."

– Sam Lavery

Sam's biggest fans have to be her family!

"My mam is coming to every date! She has always told me I can do it. She is so excited. My dad is still texting everyone he knows! It’s the hometown shows I am the most excited for. Playing Newcastle and Stockton – the areas I go to see bands and now people are coming to see me. I am so grateful. And I love my stage clothes! I love the set and rehearsals are starting soon too. We are all preparing for the tour and working hard to make sure it is the best it can be."

– Sam Lavery

She's a determined dreamer, but is she a diva?

Let's find out what's on the dressing room riders list...

"Water – maybe a posh coffee, if anyone is popping out."

– Sam Lavery

With her feet firmly on the ground, she's aiming for the top!