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First cannabis 'shatter' factory busted in North East

The 'Shatter' cannabis is produced at high temperatures. Photo: Northumbria Police
The cannabis is produced at high temperatures in ovens like this. Credit: Northumbria Police

A 'cannabis shatter' factory in Gateshead, thought to be one of the first of its kind in the North East, was raided by Northumbria Police.

A man, 25, and a woman, 21, were arrested on suspicion of supplying the extra strength 'shatter' variation of cannabis on the Croft Estate in Ryton.

The glass-like extract is produced in an industrial oven at high temperatures, which is then broken up into small shards for users to smoke.

We are aware that this 'shatter' form of cannabis is commonly produced in the US but it is not very widely used at all in this country.

Not only is it illegal but you have to use highly flammable butane gas to strip the chemicals from the plants and that puts you at huge risks. Last year it was reported that two people died and more than two dozen were injured due to explosions linked to the production of the drug.

– Inspector Cheryl Warcup, Gateshead West Neighbourhood Policing Team