Kaylee marks 30 years with new heart

Kaylee Davidson Olley. Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

This weekend marks an emotional milestone for the woman from North East who, thirty years ago, was the first baby in Europe to successfully receive a heart transplant.

Kaylee Davidson Olley, from Houghton-le-Spring near Sunderland, was just a few months old when she was given the pioneering surgery.

Kaylee has made it her mission to raise awareness of organ donation.

On this anniversary, she has paid tribute to the family which donated their child's heart to enable her to live.

It's with mixed emotions that Kaylee Davidson Olley, her mother and sister prepare for a weekend of events, marking thirty years since her lifesaving transplant.

Kaylee was five months old when her heart was attacked by a virus. Her transplant - at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital - put it - and its transplant team - on the world map.

Kaylee is an accomplished athlete, taking part in six World Transplant Games. She and her mother have also dedicated their lives to raising awareness of organ donation.

Kaylee recently experienced a health scare, and is now working her way back to full fitness. She remains optimistic about life and shared her feelings towards the family that chose to donate their child's heart 30 years ago.