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Great North Air Ambulance Service to trial US methods

Dr Simon Le Clerc of the Great North Air Ambulance Service. Photo: Great North Air Ambulance Service

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) is set to trial new equipment and techniques for treating seriously injured patients.

GNAAS aircrew doctor Simon Le Clerc, from Catterick, went to the US on a fact-finding mission to assess how they treat non-compressible torso bleeding before reaching hospital.

Most common in road traffic incidents and bad falls, this type of bleeding is notoriously difficult to treat before the patient makes it to hospital.

The GNAAS, which covers areas between the Scottish Borders and North Yorkshire, is now going to trial some of the methods Dr Le Clerc has been studying.

What we are doing is looking at ways to treat this demographic of patients who, statistically, do very badly in the pre-hospital environment.

We've identified a number of techniques and pieces of equipment that are making waves in the US, and the Great North Air Ambulance Service is looking to bring them onto British shores for the first time.

Patients in this category are always in a critical condition. These developments give us the opportunity to stabilise them and to get them to hospital alive and ready for ongoing treatment.

It is life-saving and potentially ground-breaking.

– Dr Simon Le Clerc, Great North Air Ambulance Service

Dr Le Clerc will be working with hospitals across the region to develop the trials.

Last year, the GNAAS responded to 1,042 call-outs across the region.