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Painting of Wear Crossing halted after specks found on cars nearby

The New Wear Crossing is under construction. Credit: DWT

Painting the pylon of Sunderland’s new Wear Crossing has ceased after it was discovered that some vehicles parked near the new bridge have, what appear to be, specks of white paint on them.

FVB, the joint venture formed to deliver the new bridge, said it was addressing the issue.

A spokesman for FVB said: “We can confirm that it appears that some vehicles parked close to the bridge site, mainly on the north side of the river have, what appear to be, specks of white paint on them.

“We have ceased painting on site pending an investigation and can assure all those concerned that we are progressing matters as quickly as possible. A loss adjuster is now in place to take the issue forward.

“He will be establishing and managing a process for assessing the damage to cars, and will then be identifying a suitable remedy. He will be liaising with those affected in the coming week.

“We thank everyone for their patience while the process takes its course.”

The project is due to be completed next Spring. Credit: DWT

“The contractor has put in place a process to resolve this as a priority.

“What is important is that it’s dealt with quickly and appropriately, and that there’s satisfactory resolution for anybody who has been affected.”

– Mark Jackson, Head of Infrastructure and Transport, Sunderland City Council

Work began on the New Wear Crossing – Sunderland’s first bridge across the River Wear in more than 40 years – in May 2015.

It is due to be complete in the spring of next year.

If anyone believes their vehicle has been impacted by the white specks of paint they should make contact via: