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Washington Wetland's bid to become Europe’s first solar-powered flamingo house

WWT Washington Wetland Centre hopes to secure funding to create Europe's first solar-powered flamingo house.

The project to install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels, UV lighting and heat lamps is shortlisted for £12,000 from the M&S Energy Fund and if successful will provide sustainable conditions for breeding and rearing ‘flaminglings’, as the fluffy chicks are affectionately known at the centre.

Sunderland City Council is showing their support for the bid by turning the Penshaw monument pink for two nights.

We're delighted to have reached this stage and would be so grateful to receive this vital boost for our much-loved and important Chilean flamingo flock.

Not only will the project help create optimum breeding conditions for our birds but the renewable energy generated will also reduce carbon emissions and save our charity money.

– Leanne McCormella, WWT Washington Wetland Centre

The Washington Wetland Centre has a breeding flock of 65 Chilean flamingos. To see more of their journey, or the centre's bid, click here.