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Tyne Bridge to close for Freedom City event

The Tyne Bridge will be closed on Sunday afternoon. Credit: PA Images

The Tyne Bridge will be closed on Sunday as part of celebrations of Martin Luther King's visit to Newcastle 50 years ago.

This will bring together artists, performers and community groups from both Newcastle and Gateshead as they remember the achievements of Dr King and the struggle for civl rights around the world.

It will culminate with a parade across the Tyne Bridge featuring the first-ever performance on the iconic crossing.

The bridge will be shut from 1-8.30pm and there will also be restrictions in place to high-sided vehicles overnight - from 10pm-5am on both Saturday and Sunday and these may also apply on Monday and Tuesday.

The event is called Freedom on the Tyne and is part of this year's Freedom City celebration, marking the 50th anniversary of Dr King receiving an honorary degree from Newcastle University.

Four stories of the struggle for civil rights from across the world will be told on the day and these will be joined by a march in celebration of the Jarrow March before the climax on the bridge.

These will include tales from Sharpeville in South Africa, Amristar in India, Peterloo in Manchester and Selma in the USA.

Several roads will be closed around on Sunday afternoon as a result of the celebration:

  • Barras Bridge / Percy Street / St Marys Place junction4.15 - 4.30pm
  • Blackett Street – between Grey Street and Northumberland Street 4.25 - 4.40pm
  • Grey Street – between Market Street and Mosley Street 4.30 - 5.05pm
  • Market Street – at junction with Grey Street 4.45 - 5pm
  • Shakespeare Street – between Grey Street and Pilgrim Street4.30 - 5.05pm
  • High Bridge Street – between Grey Street and Bigg Market4.30 - 5pm
  • Bigg Market – between Pudding Chare and High Bridge Street4.15 - 4.35pm
  • Pudding Chare – between Westgate Road and Bigg Market4.15 - 4.45pm
  • Fenkle Street – between Clayton Street and Westgate Road4.20 - 4.30pm
  • Westgate Road – between Fenkle Street and Pudding Chare 4.20 - 4.30pm
  • Pilgrim Street – between Market Street and A167 (Tyne Bridge)4.45 - 5.05pm
  • Worsick Street – between Carliol Square and Pilgrim Street4.45 - 5.05pm
  • Market Lane – Full length as access from Pilgrim Street4.45 - 5.05pm
  • A167 (CME) – between New Bridge Street and Gateshead Council boundary1 - 8.30pm
  • Quayside – between Sandhill and Broad Chare 4.10 - 4.45pm
  • Broad Chare – between Quayside and the Live theatre4.20 - 4.50pm
  • Nelson Street – between Grainger Street and Clayton Street4 - 4.40pm