Ant and Dec - just not as we know them!

Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth has welcomed a pair of twin baby marmosets. These adorable baby monkeys have been named after Geordie TV presenters Ant and Dec.

When it came to naming the twins the aquarium opened it up to members of the public.

After deliberation, Julie Charlton won with her Facebook suggestion!

‘Surely it has to be Ant and Dec’.

Marketing Manager at Blue Reef, Mark Sand said “After watching these two interact with each other Ant and Dec seemed like such fitting names”

“They are very entertaining to watch and are rarely seen apart, so there are many comparisons we can draw between these two and the real Ant and Dec.”

These cute new twins are smaller then your hand and are slowly developing their own personalities. These tiny monkeys are native to the Amazon Rainforest and only grow to around 30cm tall as adults.

Unlike other monkeys, marmosets almost always give birth to non-identical twins, which are then carried around on their father’s back. These two are the latest new arrivals after the birth of their brothers earlier in the year.